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Claude is filled with oldness, and I've noticed his back legs aren't working nearly as well as they used to. Nothing too serious -- he can still jump up onto desks and tables, but definitely something going on with his hips. I'm guessing he has a touch of arthritis. Today I discovered Zuke's Hip Action Cat Treats. I had done a bit of research on arthritis and cats, and saw many people had success with glucosamine pills and powders. This is so much easier than pilling him daily.

They say you should see results in about a month, so we'll see if he's moving any easier then!
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I've seen the robotic autocleaning litter boxes before, but I think this one takes the cake. (cat litter cake? ew)

It hooks up to your toilet to auto clean and flush all the poop.

Handy movie here:

Man, I love technology. I just wish I had someplace I could hook it up -- my bathroom is a wee bit small to have a litterbox in it.
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