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They've started sending me recipes. The subject line is "Requested update", and claims to be from "Tech Support", but they just want me to make BBQ Sauce:

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From [ profile] chuck4 during D&D today: "Fake violence is ok since no one gets hurt. But fake sex is sad because no one gets laid."
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Apocalyptica was awesome last night. Too much cello metal for one hand!

[ profile] evilevi was a lame-ass and went home to sleep after Monty's, but [ profile] angelic667 and I went anyway.
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...artists that sample porn.
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Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. A birthday at Gencon, what could be better?
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I'm not sure how I resisted watching Pushing Daisies until now.

It is full of win. (then again, this is to be expected, given his track record).
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Miss [ profile] evilevi and I went up to my aunt & uncle's yesterday. They live in the middle of nowhere, and we had a lot of fun kayaking and playing bocce.

It's a three hour drive, and we saw many sights of rural Wisconsin.

Or so I thought.

Turns out I was mistaken, and we didn't reach Rural, Wisconsin until about the two hour mark:

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The good: Kensington. I've worn my way through my second laptop bag, and wasn't sure if I got multiple lifetime warranty replacements on a single purchase. Their response: "Sure, just give us the serial number and we'll get you a new bag within 15 business days". Woot.

The bad: ATEN/Iogear. About three months ago, I decided to recable my desk using zipties and a cable rack so Mr. Perfect wouldn't get into the cables quite as much. I rigged up a cable rack using a cut down closet shelf from Menards, and was pretty proud of my ingenuity. However, when I put everything back together, the KVM just beeped at me and both lights lit up no matter the number of computers I plugged in -- 0, 1 or 2. I mentioned to the tech support guy that I had possibly gotten the power adapter confused with the one from my external HDD -- the plugs are the same, but they're different wattages. After not getting around to it for too long, I finally sent it back at the beginning of July. I got it back last Friday (with a new power adapter), and spent Saturday redoing the back of the desk with a new, better designed cable system. Plug the KVM back in, and ... wait for it... the same broken behavior as before. Did they even test it before they sent it back or just package up a new wallwart and send it back? I'm guessing they just latched onto the bit about the adapter and didn't look any harder at it. So I opened another trouble ticket, and we'll see how it goes this time around.

Also, I finally got around to reattaching the towel bars in my bathroom -- they were just screwed into the drywall, and they were really loose. I actually yanked one out of the wall once when I slipped. A couple of toggle bolts instead of wood screws later and I'm in a 70's blaxploitation film. Solid! In theory, that's something the landlord should handle, but knowing him it'd take 6 months.
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I've gotten excerpts of classical literature as bodies of spam before, but this is a first:

Subject: Sense the spirit of real life with Soft Cialis
"When a sandworm had come to devour him, Selim discovered the secret of how to ride the creature. Shai-Hulud had taken him far from the Zensunni village and deposited him near an abandoned botanical testing station, where he'd found food, water, and tools. There, Selim had time to look inside himself, to understand his true mission. "

Now, if there were ever a product tie-in that Brian Herbert was going to try to make a quick buck of, it's impotence drugs + giant sandworms.

(I do feel dirty that I recognized that from one of the prequels).
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Random annoyance:

You know what points out the gratuitousness of a sex scene better than just about anything else? When the woman doesn't take her bra off. Now, I can understand ratings or contracts or unwillingness to get naked for the camera, but it just seems to make it seem extra fake and contrived.
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Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is disturbingly hot for a cartoon character. And I kind of like it.
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So, purely on the recommendation of game reviewer extraordinaire Yatzhee, I picked up Painkiller Gold via Steam last night. ($10! How could I not?)

To coin a phrase, this game is fucking oarsome. I love old games cuz I can crank up the graphics and go to town, but as he puts it, it's many different fun ways to murder tons of dudes.
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Dear Tivo: It's been a good run. I've loved your Linuxness, your ease of upgrading, and general fun UI. But the time has come for me to get some HD channels, and Charter's HD lineup sucks donkey balls. And besides, you're just a Series 2, and can't record HD anyway. So I could shell out $300 for a new HD Tivo, or just take the supplied DVR from DirecTV. I bet it's not nearly as fun, but it'll probably get the job done. It's even got two tuners. As of Saturday, assuming all goes well, you'll just sit there until I've watched all you can give me.

(I finally got sick of how crappy SD signals looked on my TV, so I got DirecTV HD -- should be installed Saturday afternoon. Yeah, I could just get Charter's HD cable, but they're lacking "essentials" like Sci Fi HD, etc. Screw Charter. For way cheaper than I can get their 20 or so HD channels, I'll get ~100.)

(anyone want a perfectly working series 2 tivo? upgraded to have a 160GB hard drive the 40 that came with it. it won't be right away, since there's lots of stuff on it for me to watch still, and it doesn't have a lifetime subscription, so it'll be $13/mo for service. it will have a wireless adapter, though, since I'm assuming that won't work with the directv dvr)
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Claude is filled with oldness, and I've noticed his back legs aren't working nearly as well as they used to. Nothing too serious -- he can still jump up onto desks and tables, but definitely something going on with his hips. I'm guessing he has a touch of arthritis. Today I discovered Zuke's Hip Action Cat Treats. I had done a bit of research on arthritis and cats, and saw many people had success with glucosamine pills and powders. This is so much easier than pilling him daily.

They say you should see results in about a month, so we'll see if he's moving any easier then!
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Liz Lemon played D&D!

That touches me in a very nerdy special place.
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Today I was crafty! Well, more "handy", I guess. I decided this morning that I needed to clean up the nest of cables and dust bunnies underneath my desk.

Then, in a magical burst of foresight, I decided I needed some sort of cable management type thing *after* I had it all torn apart and cleaned. I found a couple online, but nothing really that I could get this afternoon. So I cobbled together one from a wire closet rack from Menards (save big money!). It works pretty well, if I do say so myself. However, I didn't *quite* have time to finish it before I had to head out for dinner and In Bruges with friends of no LJ. I had to temporarily tack it up with duct tape cuz the fasteners I had for the side that doesn't swivel didn't quite work out, so I'm going to have to go back to the hardware store sometime next week to finish the job. Besides, it's not a real project until duct tape is involved!

Also, Creed is the fucking man.

Also also, Ed Green can't leave L&O!
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It's offical! Boys are oblivious.

What's worse, is it goes both ways: misinterpreting friendly actions as sexual, and sexual signals as merely friendly.

My favorite quote: "Rather than seeing the world through sex-colored glasses, men seemed just to have blurry vision of sorts, overall."

I've always been a fan of being beaten over the head with intent myself. Less chance for misunderstandings then.
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April 20th.



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The whole take of his bits from White & Nerdy

(ganked from mefi)