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So, my aging mp3 playing receiver has been particularly finicky in the past few winters -- when it gets cold out it will have issues reading CDs. It was one of two low-end first-gen car mp3 players out at the time, and I’ve had it since 2001 or 2002, so I think I’ve gotten my money’s worth. It predates the ubiquitious Aux in connector, since who needs that when you’ve got 700MB of mp3s spinning away? It also didn’t support CD changers, probably for exactly the same reason.

Anyway, I figured it’d be keen to get a unit that had an iPod connector, so I did. Crutchfield was awesome, and gave me all the cables that a place like Best Buy wanted to charge me $50 for, and told me exactly what to do to install it. However, after wrestling with the old one for far longer than I had expected extraction to take, my enthusiasm was waning quickly -- even more so when I realized I needed to manually hook up a dozen or so differently colored wires. What am I, the bomb squad?

However, I did discover why my experiment with a FM transmitter for the iPod failed last December -- when American installed my old stereo all those years ago they didn’t bother to hook up my antenna at all (or I guess the connector could have come loose). Considering the only time I really use the radio is at the drive-in, I had never noticed. (Of course, the drive-in uses a much higher power transmitter than the little iPod thinger).

So, with wires hanging out of my dash, and about an hour or so to go before I was to pick up [livejournal.com profile] evilevi, I broke down and gave Best Buy a call. Now, I’m sure there are better places out there, but given that they could get me in right away and I sort of just wanted the ordeal over with, I just went with them.

Drop it off, fill out paperwork, come back about an hour later with a bag full of discount books from B&N. (Man, one of these days I’ll learn to stay way from bookstores. In the meantime, I need a new bookshelf.) However, I did my good deed for the day and donated a copy of The Mouse and the Motorcycle to their book drive thing.

Anyway, despite being late to pick up Kate, I now can hook my iPod up to my car, and it’s awesome. It sounds much better than my old one for some reason (especially considering it’s all the same files). I wonder if American bypassed my amplflier as well as as the antenna? I seem to recall that they mentioned there was some sort of issue with it, but I thought they had resolved it.

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